DHA 9 Town Lahore – Price update from ApnaPlot.pk

DHA 9 Town Lahore

The DHA 9 Town Lahore is the latest phase of the DHA Lahore which has been opened for possession. It is pivotally located near Bedian Road, Ring Road and Askari 11. The Allama Iqbal International Air Port is just at a few minute’s drive from this phase. Because of its  location, landscaping and town planning, it is rightly being called as one of the best phases of the DHA Lahore.

The development works have been completed and the possession of plots is being given to the owners since 30 May, 2015 by the DHA Authority. It has various sizes of plots in its 4 sectors namely A, B, C and D. It will have the facilities of schools/ colleges, parks, libraries, mosques, commercial areas, hospitals and banks etc. It will also have wide roads, underground electric wiring and 24 hours security. The families of Army shuhadas have also been allotted plots here to recognize the meritorious services of our valiant soldiers who had laid down their lives for the defense of the motherland.

There are a total of 6750 commercial and residential plots. Sector “A” has 1738 five marla residential, 159 eight marla, 26 ten marla plots. Sector “B” has 1258 five marla residential plots and Sector”C” has 1489 five marla and 124 eight marla residential plots. Sector” D” has 76 ten marla, 237 eight marla and 1542 five marla residential plots. Commercial plots of various  sizes

(4-16 marla) are also available in sector “B” at comparatively low rates with a very good potential for the investors. The buying and selling activity has increased with the announcement of possession, a considerable increase in the prices of plots have been reported.

Apnaplot.pk is listing all kinds and sizes of plots on its website by the dealers and the prices of plots in this phase generally are as under:

Sector A-Residential
5 Marla: Rs. 50 -60 lakh depending upon the location of the plots.
o 8 Marla: Rs. 70-75 lakh
o 10 Marla: 125-130 lakh

Sector B-Residential
o 5 Marla: Rs. 50-60 lakh
o 8 Marla: Rs.72-77 lakhs
o 10 Marla: Rs. 130-135 lakh

Sector C- Residential
o 5 Marla: Rs. 48-55 lakhs
o 8 Marla: Rs. 77-80 lakhs
o 10 Marla: Rs. 95-103 lakhs

Sector D- Residential

o 5 Marla: Rs.48-53 lakhs
o 8 Marla: Rs. 83-85 lakhs
o 10 Marla: Rs. 120 130 lakhs

Sector B – Commercial

4 Marla: Rs. 125-135 lakhs
8 Marla: Rs. 155-164 Lakhs


Note. The above mentioned prices have been taken during the last 10 days. However, these vary on daily basis due to the market conditions of supply and demand of plots. 

DHA 9 Town Lahore is coming up very fast as a brand new residential area for the middle income group and will provide good opportunity to its residents to have a very secure, comfortable and enjoyable life style with very low investment on their properties. Moreover, it will also provide a good opportunity for a safe investment to the investors on short and medium term basis.

Building Materials Rates in Lahore by Apnaplot.pk May 2015

Building Materials Rates in Lahore by Apnaplot.pk May 2015
With the onset of summers, the construction activities increase in Pakistan and so do the prices of building materials. However, if one wants to buy quality materials at competitive rates, then one must know the market prices of all these commodities and only contact the trustworthy building material suppliers.
For our valued customers, apnaplot.pk management provides prices up date of very essential building materials on regular basis. In the month of May, 2015, the rates are as under:
PC and # 11: Rs.8100/-per thousand on delivery.
P: 8300/-
SB1: 8200/-
SA: 8500/-
S1: 8600/-
SS1: 8900/-
Note: one must negotiate for a lower rate as the sellers have a margin of Rs. 200-250 per thousand.
Sand Chenab: Rs. 24-26 per cubic foot on delivery.
Sand Ravi: Rs. 10-12 per cubic foot on delivery.
Bajri Margalla: ½ down khalis: 65-66 rupees per cubic foot on delivery.
Bajar Dina: 36-38 rupees per cubic foot on delivery.
Maple Leaf/ DG Khan and Pioneer Cement: Rs. 505/- per bag.
Lucky Cement: Rs.500/- per bag
Maple Leaf White cement; Rs.800/- per bag of 40 kg.
Original STILE bond: Rs. 300/- per bag of 20 kg.
Note: Delivery charges are negotiable and are on cement bag or per wagon/truck basis.


Model Steel of Grade 60 (deformed) of various sizes from 1 inch to 3/8 inches is available at Rs.86/-per kg.
Steel wire # 20: Rs. 120 per kg.
Suppliers recommended by apnaplot.pk for quality of products, competitive rates and excellent service are:
Mr. Niaz (03214657321) of Sarfraz Brothers Bricks Company, Bank Stop Ferozepur Road Lahore.
Mr. Khalil ( 03004545663-03224220060) Mashallah Building Material Store, Jammu Stop, Service Road, Near Bedian Road Lahore
Mr. Tariq (03234007369) Basra Steel Walton Road Lahore
Please don’t forget to mention the reference of Apnaplot.pk when contacting these suppliers for lower rates and quality material and service.

Prospects of Wind Energy in Pakistan

Energy has been an essential component for human survival and economic growth. Historically, fossil fuels have been the main source of energy supply since times immemorial. With a very excessive and ruthless use of fossil fuels, they are depleting very fast and also becoming more and more expensive. Moreover, their environmental impacts( air pollution, soil pollution, global warmaing and health hazards) and secure/uninterrupted supplies are other major concerns.

The renewable energy sources have a clear edge being clean, cheap and environmental friendly.

Pakistan is an energy deficient country. Its present energy supply consists mainly on fossil fuels which are imported from abroad at a great expense of foreign exchange because the indigenous resources are woefully inadequate. Luckily, it has vast renewable energy resources like wind, solar, tidal waves and bio gas. This article, however, covers its wind energy potentials only.

In the coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan sufficient wind exist to power every coastal town and village. The Government of Pakistan has set a target of 10% of energy to come from renewable sources by 2015. If it follows this goal aggressively and religiously, it can become a South Asian leader in renewable energy.

Why Wind Energy Source in Pakistan? Because, it is:

  • In abundant supply

  • Sustainable

  • Environmental friendly

  • Available along the entire coastal belt of Sindh and Balochistan( 1000 km) and Gilgit and Baltistan

  • Available around big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

  • Comparatively economical, Rs. 12-17/KWH

In 2002, Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB) was established under the Ministry of Water and Power. In 2006, the policy for development of renewable energy for power generation was initiated primarily utilizing wind resources. However, its slow and belated performance is as under:

  • 50000 acres of land was identified for wind forms in Sindh.

  • The functional projects are in Jimpir( 56.4 MW), Gharo and Bin Qasim( 50 MW).

  • Currently, 45 wind power projects of about 3200 MW capacity are under process.

  • District Chagi in Balochistan has been identified to have great potential for wind energy.

  • Wind corridor between Gharo and Keti Bander( 180 by 60 km) can generate 40000-50000 MW of electricity.

Pakistan is a late starter in the wind energy generation but it has a great potential in it. We recommended that:

  • Subsidies be given by the government on the capital cost of wing energy projects.

  • Soft loans be given to the private sector for wind energy projects.

  • GST exemptions be given to the end users in Sindh and Balochistan rural areas.

  • Public awareness campaigns be launched through print and electronic media.

Latest Rates of Building Materials in Lahore

Latest Rates of Building Materials in Lahore – Property in Pakistan

As a sequel of my previous article on this subject dated Dec. 9, 2014, I have been prompted by ApnaPlot.pk clients to give them the regular update on the rates of building materials in Lahore.

As you all know that the most essential materials of any construction up to the grey structure are bricks, cement, sand, crushed stones and steel.

Therefore, in the succeeding paragraphs are given the current market rates of all these items.

Bricks Grade 1 (per thousand)

  • Brands from Kasur

    • SS1 & K2:Rs. 7,700/-

    • MB: Rs. 7,500/-

    • PC & ST: Rs.7,400/-

    • PK: Rs. 7,900/-

  • Brands from Pattoke/Bhaipheru

    • #25: Rs.7,200/-

    • 007: Rs. 7,400/-

    • 101: Rs. 7,500/-

    • S: Rs. 7,600/-

    • IMI: Rs. 8,000/-

Roof Tiles. Their prices vary from Rs. 6400 to 6600/-.


Maple Leaf cement, DG Khan cement and Pioneer cement. Their retail prices are. Rs.505 per bag but if one buys up to 50 bags the delivery rate is approximately Rs.507 per bag and up to 200-300 bags is around Rs 505/-per bag.

Lucky cement. Its price is Rs. 5000/- per bag.


  • Sand Ravi. Rs.9-10 per cubic foot.

  • Sand Chenab. Rs.20-21 per cubic foot.

Crushed Stone from Margalla. ½ down pure: Rs.50-51 per cubic foot.

Bajar Dina. Rs. 34-35 per cubic foot.



Model Steel

  • Tor bar 60 grade. Rs. 83,000/- per ton

  • Deformed 60 grade. Rs. 88,000/- per ton

  • Deformed 40 grade. From Rs. 81,000-82,000/ depending on the thickness.

Saeed Steel.

  • Tor bar 60 grade. Rs. 82,000/- per ton.

  • Deformed 60 grade. Rs.87,000/- per ton.

  • Deformed 40 grade. Rs. 80,000/ to 81,000/- per ton

The staff of Apnaplot has dealt with the below mentioned building material suppliers located in DHA Lahore and would recommend them to our worthy clients doing construction work in Lahore for procurement of materials.

Steel Supplier. Basra Traders, Walton Road Lahore (Mr. Tariq: 03234007369).

Building Materials including cement. Mash Allah building material store near Phase 8, DHA Lahore (Mr. Khalil: 03224050244/03004335892)

Building Material excluding cement. Sarfraz Brothers bricks company. Near bank stop Ferozepur Road, Lahore  Mr. Niaz: 03214657321.)

Note: our clients are most welcome to approach these building material suppliers after checking the market rates and with reference of ApnaPlot.pk and they will get quality materials at competitive prices with prompt and excellent services.

Rates of Building Materials in Lahore Pakistan

Building materials are materials which are used for construction purposes. The most essential building materials up to grey structure of any construction are bricks, cement, sand crushed stones and steel.
The current rates (December, 2014) of these materials for residential or commercial projects in Lahore in general and DHA/Cantt in particular are as under:
The bulk of bricks being supplied in Lahore are from brick kilns located in Kasur, Pattoke and Raiwind-Manga Mandi areas. Some kilns are also located astride GT Road, Barki Road and Bedian Road but they only supply a limited quantity of bricks. These bricks are generally loaded in trucks having 5000-6000 capacity and charge rates per thousand on delivery at site.

Kasur Brands. Z, R, RZ, S, S1, SA and SB1. Their rates (per thousand) vary between 7500-8000.
Pattoke Brands. S, M, #25. Their rates vary between 7400-7800 per thousand.

Note. The buyer must ask for the samples of various brands and negotiate the price of a selected brand based on proper size and baking quality.
There are many brands in the market and their prices have generally remained stable in the past. The dealers however charge Rs 8-10 per bag on supply of 50 bags in their transport for delivery in the DHA. The per bag price of top brands are as under:

Maple Leaf. Rs. 510/-
DG Cement. Rs. 510/-
Pioneer Cement. Rs.510/-
Lucky Cement. 505/-

Note. The buyer must ensure that the bags are of fresh stock and are not torn or tempered at the time of delivery.

Sand of River Ravi.
Its rates are per trolley/truck basis (Rs. 6000-6200/-for 550 cft) or on cft basis. 10-12 rupees per cft is the on-going rate. The catch is that one’s guard is trained enough to measure the quantity very strictly and also to ensure its quality. The low quality sand would have mix of clay and pebbles because it is mostly excavated from ditches around the city. The sand of River Chenab is also available in the market but at much higher price (Rs. 23-24 pqf) and is used infrequently.

Crushed Stone of Margalla.
The rate of half down bajri is Rs 62/-per cft. The rate of special half down is Rs. 64 per cft. The user must ensure both quantity and quality at the time of delivery.

Crushed Stone of Dina.
Its rate varies between Rs.34-37.per cft. The user must ensure both quantity and quality at the time of delivery. The consumer must ensure both quantity and quality at the time of delivery.

There are many manufacturers like Model, Saeed, Ittefaq, Mughal and Amreli steels etc. It should be purchased in the light of steel drawings made by the architect showing the weight for each size (¼, ½, ¾ and 1 inch). It is available in deformed bars as well as TOR( cold twisted deformed) bars and in 40 and 60 grades. Our advice to you is to go for a good brand and strictly follow the directions of your architect. The rates of good brands vary between Rs. 88000-90000 per ton for grade 60 steel and Rs.84000-85000 per ton for grade 40. The supplier also charge extra money for loading and transportation of purchased steel to the site but these are negotiable. Beware at the time of weighing and transporting the steel because anything can go wrong at this stage.
Building materials are the most essential ingredients of the grey structure of any residential or commercial building. So, go for the quality of materials, shop around for the best price and ensure 100% of its quantity at the time of delivery.

Rates of Building Materials in Lahore Pakistan

termite spray for a commercial basement in phase 6 MB DHA Lahore

The Need for Termite Proofing of Old/ Under Construction Buildings in Pakistan

Termites are a big nuisance for buildings and their wooden structures. They cause colossal damages to the buildings which are not termite proofed. In Pakistan’s hot and humid environments and due to lack of awareness, this threat has aggravated with devastating effects.
Termites belong to the “Blattodia” insect order. There are more than 4000 species of termites all over the world. They are commonly known as white ants but are not closely related to the ants family .They live under the soil in colonies and feed on wood, dead plants, and damage/destroy all furniture items, papers, curtains ,clothes, carpets and almost everything other than made of steel. They even endanger the structural integrity of a building by eating through support beams and joints.
Signs of Termite Infestations. Some of these are:

  • Termite shields/ mud tubes
  • Aborial nest
  • Swarmers(Allates)
  • Wings
  • Damaged wood

Preventive Measures

  • Eliminate moisture problem
      1. Repair leaking taps and AC drainage.
      2. Divert water from foundation
      3. Keep gutters and down spouts clean
      4. Remove standing water from roof top
  • Remove food sources of termites
  1. Keep fire wood and trash away from foundations
  2. Remove excessive plant cove and wood mulch
  3. Get rid of tree stumps and debris from plot/house
  4. Check decks and wooden fences regularly for damage

Termite pre treatment to the new structures is a must step for every builder. It is cheap, very effective as compared to the post construction treatment. The architects always advise that and the professional builders do it as an SOP. So, every house , shop or office buyer should demand it before buying any property as a RULE OF THUMB.

Pre Construction Treatment

  • Foundation stage. The entire bottom surface and sides of excavation column pits, wall trenches and basement to be treated with an effective termiticide with a regulated pressure sprayer.
  • DPC level. Make a 6” wide drain and use spray.
  • Flooring stage. The top surface of the floor to be sprayed along with the junction walls and floors.

Post Construction Treatment

  • Drilling. It’s a professional’s job so hire one to drill holes with a view to developing inner and outer barriers by injecting termticide solution in each hole with a heavy duty pressure pump (30-40 psi).
  • Wood treatment. Dip wood for 30 minutes in the termticide solution or spray/ brush this solution on the wooden structures.

Termite proofing is a MUST step for every residential, industrial or commercial building. It is cost effective and one must look for a professional to do this treatment.


The 6th Annual International Real Estate and Investment Show (IREIS 2014)

“The Right Time to Invest in Property”

The 6th Annual International Real Estate and Investment Show (IREIS 2014) is the forerunner in Abu Dhabi, showcasing real estate opportunities across major property markets. At this time when the real estate market is showing steady growth, IREIS 2014 is set to be the most exciting show for consumers with access to leading properties around the globe under one roof.


Exclusive Project Launches
Special Discounts on Spot Booking
International Conference & Investor Meets

100+ Exhibitors
20+ Countries
USA | UK | UAE | Turkey | Thailand | Saudi Arabia | Portugal | India | Canada
Egypt | Palestine | Pakistan | Lebanon | Jordan | Italy | Greece | Malaysia | Iraq
Cyprus | Montenegro | Kuwait
International Conference include Speakers/ Panelists from ae7, CBRE, CFI
Colliers International, Al Hilal Bank, KVC, SDIC, FGB, KEO Intl Consultants
Click here to view Conference Programme
Build Asia Property Exhibition Karachi Pakistan

Pakistan Property Exhibition | 10th Build Asia Exhibition

10th Build Asia Exhibition
(International Housing, Real Estate & Construction Industry Show)

This exhibition is scheduled from 23-25 September 2014 at Karachi Expo Centre. It is being organized by Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, a full UFI member of the Global Association of Exhibition Industry (Paris-France). Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. Has the distinction of hosting such like expos as an annual fixture in Pakistan.

Build Asia Expo Karachi Property

Build Asia Expo Karachi Property

ApnaPlot.pk, Pakistan’s Premier Real Estate Portal, is marketing this one of a kind event in all the major cities of Pakistan. Moreover, Apnaplot.pk is all participating in this mega event.
This exhibition aims to focus on the immense potential of the Building and Construction Industry in Pakistan and will display latest technological advancements of equipments, materials, services and techniques in the related fields, providing opportunities to overseas exhibitors to interact with entrepreneurs in Pakistan for joint ventures, transfer of technology and appointing agents, distributors and partners.

Its salient features are as under:
Countries Participating: 20 (Major countries like USA, UK, Japan, S. Korea ,Italy, Germany, Iran, UAE and Saudi Arabia)
Exhibition Area: 9000 sq. m
Visitors Expected: 30,000 approximately
Timings: 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.
Visitors Profile: Govt. bodies, engineers, architects, town planners, property dealers, builders, building material dealers, suppliers and distributors, foreign delegates and trade bodies.

Organizers: Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan(Pvt.) Ltd. Email: www.buildasia.net
Event Marketer: ApnaPlot.pk

Property Market in Multan

The historic city of Multan is the 7th largest city of Pakistan by population (5 million)and has an area of 133 sq km. The Sutlej River separates it from Bahawalpur and the Chenab River from Muzaffar Garh.

The city of Multan has grown to become an influential socio-political, educational and economic hub of the Southern Punjab. The city’s population is increasing at a very fast rate due to influx of more and more people from the neighbouring rural areas for jobs, businesses, education, health and above all for residence purposes to avail better quality of life. Consequently, more and more housing societies are coming up

Overall market conditions of property are good in Multan. The details of new societies and price details are given below:

Fatima Jinnah Town: Price per Marla is Rs. 2.5 to 3.5 lakh (15 % increase than last year)

WAPDA Town ( Phase 1 & 2):Price per Marla is Rs. 3.5 to 5.5 lakh (20% increase than last year)

Punjab Government Servants Housing Society: Price per Marla Rs.2.5 – 3.5 lakh (15% Increase than last year.

The DHA Multan is about to be launched in a year or two in Multan as the land is being acquired by them. It is hoped that its launching in Multan will give big boost to the property market and will attract investors from all over the country and Overseas Pakistanis as well.

New Societies for Good Investment in Multan
WAPDA Town Phase III
MDA Employees Welfare Housing Society
New Plazas in Multan
Some new plazas would come up in near future. Their completion will boost the commercial activity and will generate more business opportunities to the businessmen of Multan and will provide most modern shopping facilities to the residents.

S.S Mall It is in Multan Cantt which is one of the most beautiful places of Multan. This plaza is under construction and almost 50 percent complete.

Crystal Mall. It is on the Bosan road Multan. The most busy area of Multan. Crystal Mall is almost 20 percent complete.

United Mall. It is is on Abdali road and its 100 percent complete and shops are available for sale, purchase and rent.

Liberty Mall. It is on Sp chowk and 40 percent complete.

Mall of Multan. It is the first Mall in Multan which will have many different facilities in it like, first 3D

Cinema in Multan. Turkish company is constructing this Mall and it will cover the Bosan road and Main Bypass that links it to Bosan road. It will be good property for investors from all over Pakistan. The Mall of Multan will be completed in 2016.

City Tower. It is on Bosan road and its 20 percent complete

Multan Trade Center. It is on Khanewal road and it’s also a good investment for investors. Its 60 percent complete.

Small, medium or large scale investors can invest in Multan as there has been considerable value addition in the prices of both residential and commercial properties during the last 2-3 years. After launching of DHA in Multan, hopefully, there will be a boom in the Real Estate Market in Multan. Investors from different cities also have good opportunities to invest in commercial properties as so many good shopping malls/plazas are coming up in Multan.

Building a House in Pakistan – Is There a Need to Hire an Architect for ?

Building a house is a lifetime goal, a dream come true and the most expensive project one can undertake in Pakistan. One has to spend his/her lifetime savings and sometimes getting loans from financial institutions, friends and relatives to realize this goal.

In our socio-economic and cultural environments, it’s a symbol of prestige and a matter of pride to build a new house and then live in it. Since it’s such an expensive undertaking, a lot of thought process goes in as to when, where and how big the house would be and the funds needed to complete it.

Since it’s such an important and “once in a lifetime” project, it must be handled by some expert professional from design stage till its completion. So logically, the first step should be to hire the services of a qualified, experienced and an affordable architect who could design your house according to your family needs, life style and budget.

There is a very common tendency amongst us Pakistanis to act as an architect in order to cut costs. No matter how smart one is, one should resist the temptation of copying the blueprints of an already constructed house and making a copycat house by hiring the services of a cheap and inexperienced draftsman.

I recommend that you hire an architect for an original design suiting your needs and budget. The architect should fulfill the following pre-requisites:

  • Qualified. A graduate in architecture from a renowned university
  • Registered. Be a member of a body of architects in Pakistan as well as of the housing society where you intend constructing your house.
  • Experienced. Must have a sufficient experience in designing and supervising all types of houses and should be able to show you his recently completed/ under completion housing projects.
  • Good Reputation. Must enjoy a good in the market and understands your points of view and that you develop a good rapport with him.
  • Affordable. Should suit your budget. He should cost you between 2-4% of the total cost of construction depending on the factors mentioned above.

Now days, the architects provide a variety of services from designing the house to total supervision during its construction and one can choose the package suiting his needs and budget. I recommend that you hire the services of design and consultancy during the construction. This has proven to be a good option and you will get the following services from” design stage to move in”:

  • Schematic Design. After ascertaining your needs, lifestyle preferences and budget, the rough sketches will be made and a few options will be presented to you.
  • Design Development. Once you make a choice, scale drawings will be made. Front Elevation will also be made along with 3D design.
  • Construction Documents. These are the detailed drawings (blue prints) with specifications according to zoning by laws, which will be submitted to the building control authorities to obtain the NOC.
  • Services Provided. All kinds of drawings e.g. structure drawings, electric/plumbing drawings, tile works on floors, bathrooms and grills/ railing drawings etc.
  • Consultancy during Construction. This is a very valuable and cost effective service which can be provided by your architect. On an agreed fee, he will visit your house at every stage of construction and provide invaluable consultancy to save your time and money and have a good check on your building contractor to ensure quality.

Advantages of Hiring an Architect

  • You have a professional architect to keep strict vigilance over the contractor during all stages of construction from design stage to move in.
  • Better and original design suiting your needs and budget.
  • You will avoid design errors and pitfalls common in copycats designs prepared by cheap draftsman.
  • You avoid zoning violations and make and break issues so common in novice and first time builders.

In short, for a small sum of the total cost of a house, one can be in safe and secure hands from planning to complete construction of the house. It’s not a bad bargain at all to hire a professional architect to design your house in Pakistan.